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About Chihaner

Chihaner was set up for the purpose of providing Chinese culture experience programs to foreigners. We live in China and we are sure that Chinese culture is the best way to understand the history and customs of China, Chihaner is focused on you and your needs to give you an unforgettable experience in China.


Group  Introduction

Peter (Chinese name:Wang Yan), Cofounder of Chihaner

Born and raised in the city of Xianyang in Shaanxi province, Peter loved Chinese culture from a young age. Deeply passionate about his country's culture, he has made it a mission to spread Chinese culture across the globe. Chihaner's goals are greatly influenced by Peter and his dream.

Sparky (Chinese name:Zhang Haijun), Cofounder of Chihaner

A travel enthusiast, Sparky spent much of his free time traveling. Due to the nature of his career, Sparky has had the opportunity to visit over a dozen countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. Throughout his travels, Sparky came to appreciate the value of cultural diversity. He firmly believes that Chinese culture is something that everyone should get a chance to learn about and hopes that one day it will be globally recognized.

Ray (Chinese name:Yang Guang), Cofounder of Chihaner

Ray loves to travel and read. Previously he co-authored a tourist book on famous Chinese locations, culture, and history. He hopes to help spread the popularity of traditional Chinese culture and to improve China's relationship with other countries. Ray hopes to do this through providing the best service for his guests.

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